My name is Owen, I am 18 years old from Hanging Heaton, Dewsbury. I am an Apprentice at 6B Digital in Horbury, Wakefield and I specialise in Creative Design & Social Media, as well as dabbling in SEO. My job entails designing unique and stylish websites that are timeless and of good quality. I also manage a lot of Social Media profiles.


I grew up in Dewsbury, and have always had a creative mindset. I used to love to draw and create things and I loved to let my imagination run free. I started helping my friends spice up their YouTube channels by designing logos and headers for them. This is when my creative design passion was born.

As I went through school I became obsessed with branding and web design. I did an apprenticeship straight out of school which gave me a repetior of skills in Design & Development.

After that apprenticeship in which I studied Software Development, I quickly decided that Design is where I wanted to pursue my┬ácareer. That’s when I ended up at 6B.

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